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Andratx Mallorca Spain

The Iberian Peninsula is blessed with picturesque spots for relaxation and recreation like Ibiza, Tenerife, Corsica and the Central Asturias. Spain, Italy and Portugal are common holiday spots, but none comes close to the Balearic island of Mallorca. FYI some people call it Majorca, but let us not get in to that.

Even the pick of the holiday spots has the cherry on top and this place is called Andratx. This is the crown jewel in the arsenal for the region with unrivalled scenery and a prime location in the corner of the Sierra de Tramontana. Any mix of mountains and the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea are a sight to behold and Andratx squarely falls in that category.

Portofino, Italy

I know Spain is a popular destination, but what about this Andratx in Mallorca
Andrachium as it was once known, is a picturesque municipality on Mallorcan shores famous for its scenery, sounds and carnivals. Built inland as a measure against Barbary pirates, the town is easily marked by towers that warded off the enemy. Occupied by Mallorcans and historically by Romans, Andratx is now a proper tourist attraction following the EU injection of cash in 2004. This has boosted the town's aesthetic value along with activities like fishing and art which have given the economy a welcome shot in the arm. The historic monuments and buildings in the town makes it a visual appeal for tourist as well as book and script writers.

Andratx is beautiful, but what do I do there?
The carnivals in the early part of each year remains the most attractive events to attend in the Mallorcan town. The rich history of the town is reflected in the pottery and coins, which is evidence of its existence since the 2nd century. This makes it an art rich town with plenty of contemporary art on show at the Andratx Art Centre or CCA. Cultural wealth is further exhibited across town in Sa Taronja with exhibitions and workshops for all ages.

The town is a major fishing city and the fishermen are so popular and cherished that they stock all hotels and resorts. They also sell fish to the locals with the freshest catches on offer in the evenings. Nautical activities are also rife in the area with lessons and recreational rides a real treat. Canoeing is also offered with the more experienced hands as well as the art of sailing on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The Club de Vela has well over 500 moorings for various water transport vehicles to Sa Dragonera and La Trappa.

If you are a fan of historical and monumental sites, you can head to the village remains surrounding an iconic monastery in la Trappa with views out to the sea quite breathtaking. The natural park on Sa Dragonera boasts fascinating coves and nature trails that are lined with unique species of animals. The islet was declared a natural park in 1995 and can be accessed from Puerto de Andratx by sea. The mountainous region is ideal for camping and hiking, but it is largely unexplored so few reports on the experiences exist.

Andratx I am a frugal traveler! How much do I have to fork out to buy things in Andratx?
The trip from the Palmas airport cost a cool fifty euros to Puerto Andratx by taxi with hotels costing an average of between two hundred and three hundred euros.

The town is famous for attracting some famous folk so keep an eye out for places where the locals frequent to ensure you get the best prices and bargains.

The meals are fairly cheap with fish especially fresh and affordable to go with the rest of the island cuisine.

Some of the more common shortcuts involve the use of agents who can ask for anything from seven hundred and fifty euros to handle all your travel logistics and accommodation plans. You can comfortably survive on fifty euros a day, but get a hundred just in case you want to hobnob with the elite.

Give me the scoop! What is the one spot I must visit in Andratx.
There are many celebrities who own properties overlooking Puerto Andratx, costing well over seven hundred thousand euros, for a view of the marina. You can take in the same view by enjoying a boat ride or hike through the mountain like edges to see the Andratx Castle, Church of Santa Maria de Andrach or even the Virgen del Carmen del Puetro de Andratx. These are some of the areas synonymous with the town and along with the Castell de Son Mas and Church of s'Arraco are must see spots on the Mallorcan jewel. The Liedtke museum and the architecturally pleasing haven of Studio Weil must grace your camera lens, but the atmosphere and character of the sites will surely take your breath away.

I don't play with my stomach! What's the food scene like in Andratx? What should I eat there?
If you love seafood, then Andratx will make your taste buds happy. While it is not, all that is served, it is predictably dominant with fresh catches on sale and in the pan within minutes. Shellfish with vegetables and lobster stew are among the dishes you should try, and of course Mallorcan fried fish as well.

You can also feast on roasted leg of lamb or lamb served with Panadera potatoes or Trunyelles pastries. The food scene is vibrant so talk to the locals or the concierge at your hotel to get tips on some of the local dishes, sweets and pastries you should try.

How do I move about in Andratx?
Island transport is often very simple because of the water bodies all around. Transport in Andratx can be had form of the affordable boats and canoes or with the costlier options of yachts and sail boats. The marina is newly blessed with quayside attractions like cafes, restaurants and sailing club outlets for those with luxury travel taste.

Vehicles are also available through either orthodox taxis or car hire companies. You can easily move around the island, but with reconstruction, most streets and locations have been renamed or relabeled so arm yourself with an updated map. The use of hiking trails and cycling routes to get around is an option for those that are adventurous, with the mountainous surroundings ideal for adrenalin sports.

Andratx is one of those little places that will take your breath away. The fincas, the monuments, the marinas and even the sea are all there awaiting your exploration. It is little known and upcoming so it is not yet prone to the exorbitant and unrealistic pricing scales of other entertainment islands. Andratx is a Mallorcan crown jewel hidden in the Balearic Islands ready for you to explore. So now you know!


For more information about Andratx and other places in Italy, visit is the official portal for tourism in Spain.

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