11 Travel Sites That Accept Bitcoin For Flights And Hotel

11 Travel Sites That Accept Bitcoin For Flights And Hotel Bookings

January 29th, 2018, Posted by travelwith2ofus

Do you know you can use Bitcoin to pay for flights, hotel rooms and car rental services? While this cryptocurrency has been around for a while now, some of the common questions that Bitcoin newcomers often ask include what can you do with it, what can you buy with it, and how can you use it.

The answer to these questions is that you can use it to buy almost everything, both online and offline. The tourism industry, in particular, stands out as one of the earliest adopters of this new technology, and one of the key beneficiaries as well.

This is partly because most travelers are always looking for a safe currency to carry around, and that is internationally acceptable. Travelers using bitcoin benefit from all these advantages and the tourism industry were swift to realize its potential.

Today, making payments for flights and accommodation with bitcoin cryptocurrency has become considerably easier. Here are some of the travel websites that accept bitcoin payments.

CheapAir - Flights AND HOTEL

CheapAir is one of the first travel agencies in the world to accept Bitcoin payments since 2013. This has made them quite valuable to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Travelers can make bookings for hotel rooms as well as local and international flights and make payments to CheapAir using Bitcoins. CheapAir have also begun accepting Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Litecoin.

In 2016, the company reported that they had seen a 74% increase in bitcoin sales. This change was mostly attributed to the bitcoin price rally. As the price of the BTC goes up, consumers find themselves spending less of their bitcoins to pay the same amount of money. This creates a valid reason for people to spend their cryptocurrency rather than hoard it. Cryptocurrency payments were completed using your Coinbase wallet in the past, but according to Jeff Klee, CEO of CheapAir, they have found a new solution in the form of BTCPayServer. BTCPayServer is an open-source bitcoin payment processor.

In a CheapAir blog posts, Jeff further stated that "We believe that accepting digital currency has been a win-win for both CheapAir and our customers. So we decided to double down without reservation. Besides moving to BTCPayServer, we have also set up a dedicated support team just for crypto customers."

CheapAir accepts Bitcoins payments for International flight bookings.
CheapAir accepts Bitcoins as payments for International flights

More Stamps Global

More Stamps Global is an online travel agency, which accepts over 40 different popular cryptocurrencies as payment for flights, car rental, activities and hotel bookings. Based in Hungary, the agency accepts many of the popular cryptocurrencies including BCH, Dash, ETH, BNB and LTC among others.

Basically, if you're planning a trip to let's say Greece, you can book your flight, choose your hotel, plan and choose your activities and even organize you airport transfers on their website. You can then pay for all of these using any of the forty plus cryptocurrencies they accept.

You can pay for all your travel needs using any of the forty plus cryptocurrencies that More Stamps Global accepts.
More Stamps Global

WebJet Exclusives - Flights and Cruises

WebJet Exclusives is an Australian travel agency that has been allowing bitcoin payments for flights since 2015. Its users can book their flights and cruises with bitcoins with ease. This is quite a significant deal since Webjet Exclusives offers travel packages to any part of the world.

To permit bitcoin payments, the company had to partner with BitPOS.

WebJet Exclusives sees bitcoin as an advanced addition to their current payment options. There is a possibility that the use of bitcoin to make payments will be extended to other products in the near future, although the agency is yet to confirm the move.

Destinia - Flights and Hotels

Destinia is a Spanish online travel agency that allows people to pay for flights and hotel accommodations with Bitcoin. You can even pay for car rentals through this website using bitcoin. Destinia was established in 2001 by Amuda Goueli and Ian Webber. Once you are on their site, it is almost possible to make bitcoin payment to nearly any destination you can think of.

BTCTrip - Flights and Hotels

This company believes that it is the travel agency for the cryptocurrency community. BTCTrip is a New York Based travel agency that was founded in 2013 by Martin Fernandez and YamilAlis.

This company enables its users to pay for flights and hotels with bitcoin, covering a myriad of destinations across the globe. Their user interface is quite simple and allows users to fill out where they want to travel, followed by their departure and return dates. Other than bitcoin, the company also accepts Litecoin and Dogecoin payments.

AbitSky - Flights

AbitSky is a flight booking site that offers one of the smoothest booking experiences with bitcoin. It is part of a travel agent registered in Lithuania, but is more focused on Bitcoin payments. It has a very user-friendly built website that makes the payment procedure a breeze.

AirBaltic - Flights

This Latvian carrier began taking Bitcoin payments in 2015. It is the first airline to allow Bitcoin payments for tickets to 60 destinations in Europe, Russia, The Middle East and the CIS. It is one of the most popular Bitcoin travel pioneers. AirBaltic uses BitPay as their bitcoin payment processor, and they have a "miner fee" which is linked to each payment accessed by scanning a QR code.

AirBaltic accepts Bitcoin payments for tickets to 60 destinations in Europe, Russia and other countries.
AirBaltic is a Latvian airline

Berkeley Travel - Holiday Packages

Berkeley Travel is a London-based luxury travel agency that offers a variety of highly exclusive holiday getaways, including a private jet charter service that you can pay for using bitcoin. This company understands the benefits derived from paying with a decentralized currency and that is why it accepts payments in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin.Travel - Flights and Hotels

This is one of the most established bitcoin travel sites. It allows you to book your entire trip and provides you with suggestions for flights, hotels, accommodations, and attractions that support bitcoin payments. It has been in operation since July 2011, and its sole purpose is to create a credible, reliable and easy to use website for businesses that use Bitcoin.

Bitcoin.Travel has one of the most comprehensive list of businesses that use bitcoin.

eTravelSmart - Bus

eTravelSmart is an online bus booking portal that introduces bitcoin payment through Unocoin. Unocoin is known as India's Coinbase in the bitcoin community. Unocoin is fully compliant with the standing regulations which make their client's digital payments easy and safe. eTravelSmart is the first travel website to accept bitcoin payments for bus tickets in an easy and secure environment.

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Virgin Galactic

Did you know that you can also use your bitcoin for a trip to space? In 2013, Sir Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Galactic, announced that his company would be taking bitcoin payments for its commercial space flights aboard SpaceShip Two. Virgin Galactic is one of the world's most exciting and futuristic companies there is.

Using Bitcoin

As bitcoin becomes a more widely accepted currency, travelers are now able to use it as their primary source of payment for all their travel expenses other than just flight and hotel rooms. Using bitcoin to complement cash and credit cards can be very useful. First, you reduce the risk of pocket pickers. Secondly, you can easily go through border regulations without facing any scrutiny from authorities due to the amount of cash you are carrying.

It is quite clear that bitcoin offers travelers a safe way to carry their money, convert it easily to local currencies and even enjoy a unique travel experience.

Bitcoin 411

There is a great article on Forbes Magazine online for Bitcoin newbies: Bitcoin Basics For The '76 Percenters' Who Don't Have A Clue What It Is.

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