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Are These The Best Vintage Style Dresses For Traveling

Can anyone tell me why vintage inspired dresses are so popular? There are many reasons out there, but the fact is that great style is timeless. My personal opinion is because some of the styles from back-in-the-day were so fresh and classy, but what do I know about fashion anyway? It's all about personal taste I guess. Some styles you like and others you don't. As travelers, we get to see a lot of styles in European countries like Paris, London and Belgium as well as the breezy chic styles of the Caribbean in countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and the Dominican Republic. Are These The Best Vintage Style Dresses For Traveling

9 Of The Best Selling Travel Accessories On Amazon UK

I am always on Amazon shopping, browsing and comparing. You could say I peruse the site daily looking for travel accessories, gadget, gear and anything else that would make my trips easier or more comfortable. Recently, while I was on their website, I realized something. I had done a Google search for an item and found it, but when I tried to check it out, I noticed that it was listed on Amazon UK. I normally shop on Amazon US. What I learned was that Amazon UK does not deliver to the US boxes. A no-brainer right? 9 Of The Best Selling Travel Accessories On Amazon UK

Women Are Ecstatic Over These 5 Retro Swimsuits

Retro swimsuits are back and women love them. They come in all sizes, different cuts, colors and patterns. In addition to that, these retro swimsuits are known to be super comfy. If you are uncomfortable showing your body in a bikini, the retro swimsuit is your solution especially for summer getaways.

Cocoship 50s retro high waist floral bikini retro swimsuit
This two-piece retro swimsuit is not only elegant, but it's also comfortable. It's been designed in such a way that it comes up to the waist, covering most of the problem areas, but still making you look feminine and hot.
Women are ecstatic over these 5 retro swimsuits

6 Of The Most Popular Travel Luggage Sets

Whether you are a travel blogger, a casual traveler or an occasional traveler you will need to get some sort of travel bag, suitcase or more commonly "luggage". Buying a luggage set makes a lot of sense as they come in varying sizes that cater for the solo traveler as well as couples and of course larger sets for families. Here are a few popular luggage sets that make traveling a little bit easier and in some cases have you looking stylish.

Rockland 2 piece Soft side Luggage Set
Manufactured with heavy-duty denier fabric this set is ideal for both the solo and business traveler. If you are just heading out for the weekend or going on a short cruise this might be the perfect set for you. It is available in many different designs as well as patterns, from pink dots for ladies to Navy blue for men. If you like zebra, giraffe and leopard patterns they have those as well. The carry-on tote bag has a detachable as well as adjustable non slip shoulder strap.
6 Of The Most Popular Travel Luggage Sets

11 Items That Will Make You A Stylish Male Traveler

It is an amazing feeling when you wake up in a new place. You get to see places and things you only read about or see on television. When you find yourself somewhere exotic, the new experience almost demands that you have the look to boot.

A sharp looking man opens himself up to many opportunities on the road. Take for instance that unexpected chance to travel first class; you don't get that if you don't look the part. Looking good adds a sense of confidence that propels you to grab hold of opportunities that you might not have had the guts to go for otherwise. In addition to that, having the right accessories makes for a great trip.

Here are a few items that will make you the quintessential stylish male traveler: more button