Rottach-Egern, town located on Lake Tegernsee Bavaria Germany

Rottach-Egern One Of The 5 Jewels Of Tegernsee Valley

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Rottach-Egern is a town located on Lake Tegernsee in Upper Bavaria, Germany. Situated about 35 miles south of central Munich it is the ideal combination of nature, tradition and luxury. Some of the villages of Lake Tegernsee are Rottach-Egern, Gmund, Tegernsee, Bad Wiessee and Kreuth.

Rottach-Egern offers many entertainment activities including lake festivals, folk performances and concerts. Outdoor activities include cruising on the Tegernsee, bike or mountain bike tours, hiking, swimming and sailing. Other outdoor activities include nature trails from Celtic Tree Circle along the Rottach River between Tuften and Kalkofen.


There are many luxury hotels, traditional Bavarian guest houses, restaurants that serve Haute cuisine and numerous boutiques for those who want to get in a bit of shopping.

If you plan relaxing by playing golf then, there are many options available to you around Lake Tegernsee. Never played golf before? No problem, there is a six hole golf course for beginners as well as a driving range where you can learn the game from experienced golf coaches.

Rottach-Egern is a town located at Lake Tegernsee in Upper Bavaria, Germany.
Rottach-Egern, Upper Bavaria, Germany

Church of St. Laurentius, Rottach-Egern.
St. Laurentius Church, Rottach-Egern, Upper Bavaria, Germany

Rottach-Egern and the villages of the Tegernsee Valley are so beautiful that you can't afford not to take a lot of photos and videos. Check out these cameras:

Tegernsee Valley

The five villages of the Tegernsee Valley are Rottach-Egern, Bad Wiessee, Tegernsee, Kreuth and Gmund. Tegernsee is found on the shores of lake Tegernsee. The town is known for its old, but beautiful buildings, its quaint shops and restaurant which serve both Bavarian specialties and international cuisine.

Bad Wiessee is a spa and health resort town know for its iodine and sulphur baths. However, it is also considered a popular holiday resort because of its location, infrastructure, hiking and biking trails, cultural programs, concerts, theatre and museums.

Kreuth is a tranquil and unspoiled town where nature lovers can enjoy fresh air, pristine forests and breathtaking landscapes. The spa town maintains it traditions in the form of its folk music and ancient Bavarian festivals. It is also known for the Oleg Kagan Music Festival, a festival featuring classical music.

Gmund is also another village to consider if you are a nature lovers and love outdoor activities. There are several hiking and bicycle trails, including the well-known route from Lake Constance to Lake Königssee. If you love water sports, there are two lakeside lidos and a sailing and windsurfing school located in the village. The villagers are really friendly and families get to experience authentic country life in the home of Bavarian families. Children will get to interact with real farm animals like sheep, pigs and mountain goats.

Tegernsee Town Hall.
Tegernsee Town Hall

Family Friendly

Rottach-Egern is very family friendly as there are many family-oriented activities that you can participate in. The Bade Park swimming pool is a great place for your family to spend the day together. It has four heated indoor and outdoor pools including an adult pool, a children's pool and an exercise pool with a waterfall. Around the outdoor pool you will find facilities for chess, table tennis and other activities. You will also find a restaurant which offers meals and snacks.

The Aquadome is another attraction you should check out for more family fun as well. It is the biggest freshwater aquarium in Bavaria. It has about 20 local species and holds a whopping 60,000 litres of water.

Riding the cable car to the top of the Wallberg mountain is a great way to discover the Tegernsee valley and surrounding areas. During the 10-15 minute ride you will see some of the region's most picturesque mountain landscapes. Once you have reached the Wallberg plateau (altitude 1,620 m) you can enjoy the amazing surrounding, view the Wallberg Chapel, which is a more than 100-year-old landmark, and have a meal at the Panorama Restaurant. One of the main features of the restaurant is its 270-degree curved glass facade and large sun terrace, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Bavarian Alps.

Have you ever visited Rottach-Egern? If you did, how was it?

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