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Tasiilaq Greenland - adventure and nature awaits, but not for everyone!

Breathtaking scenery of nature awaits you in Tasiilaq, but if you are not a lover of nature and can't stand the cold, then this beautiful part of the earth is not for you.

Also, known as Ammassalik, Tasiilaq Greenland is located in the Greenland East Coast. Although several Greenlandic towns are attractively located in immense nature, there are just a couple of places that can equal the arctic world which unfolds around Tasiilaq.

Situated on the King Oscar Harbor banks and surrounded by tall and steep snow-clad peaks, the town of Tasiilaq makes for a great place to escape from it all, literally!

Tasiilaq Greenland

What exactly can I do in Tasiilaq Greenland?
The nature of the landscapes around the little town of Tasiilaq provides a perfect place for long or short hikes. Most hikes here are usually combined with boat trips.

Kayaks are still used today here for some kinds of hunting. This is because they give the hunter maneuverability and stealth.

The unparalleled visibility of the Eastern Greenland makes the place and fantastic place to dive. If you want, you can approach any of the local tourist offices in Tasiilaq to organize dives for you.

Tasiilaq and the surrounding areas are well known for their cod fishing. Typically, tourist trips are done by boats and the guides will tell you where you can get the best catch.

There are several iceberg watching boat tours that you can book for a full day or half a day from any hotel in Tasiilaq town. Icebergs are literally everywhere, and it’s very amazing to go around them on a boat.

There is the Ammassalik Museum that is presently housed in the old church of the town. It contains a collection of traditional artifacts that range from kayaks to even wooden masks.

How do I get to Tasiilaq Greenland from Nukk?
There are flights from Nukk to Kulusuk. Flights are available twice a week. The easiest way of going to Tasiilaq is by air from Reykjavik in Iceland. There are many airlines close to Tasiilaq that fly to Kulusuk airport. When you are at Kulusuk, you can choose to find a local fisherman to get you to Tasiilaq by boat or board a local helicopter.

In case you booked a campground or a hotel, it is easy for them to pick you from Kulusuk airport on a boat. During wintry months, it is better to get to Tasiilaq on skis, dogsled or by snowmobile.

There are also international flights to Kulusuk, and this is only a 10-minute helicopter ride from the town of Tasiilaq. During summer, you can get to the town by means of a boat.
Icebergs Greenland
How far will my budget go? Cost of stuff in Tasiilaq Greenland?


A meal for two people at an inexpensive restaurant costs an average of US$16 while a three-course meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant will cost you US$42 on average. A half-liter domestic beer costs US$6 a 300ml bottle of imported beer goes for around US$5.69. A bottle of water will cost you around US$1.60.

Tasiilaq is a small village so you can easily get around by foot. But if you need you can get a local taxi . The normal tariff of taxi start costs is US$3 and the rate per km (normal tariff) is US$2.

Hotel rooms in Tasiilaq around winter is a bit expensive, coat aroun US$192 per night. This includes breakfast. During summer the cost is a bout US$102 per night with breakfast.

What is the one place I must visit in Tasiilaq Greenland?
Tasiilaq is a small town with just 2000 inhabitants. However, the town is also home to the Ammassalik museum which has a great deal of traditional artifacts that you will find very interesting. Among the traditional artifacts that you will find in this museum are wooden masks and traditional kayaks. The museum has exhibits of both cultural and art items. It is open from 10:00 am Tuesday to noon during winter and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. It remains closed Mondays and Saturdays.

What is one local dish in Tasiilaq GreenIand should try?
Suaasat is the national dish of the country, and it refers to a traditional Greenlandic soup. It's normally prepared from whale or seal or seabirds. The soup usually includes potatoes and onions, and is seasoned with pepper and salt. Reindeer, Greenlandic lamb and Muskox are the Tasiilaq's succulent equivalents of common livestock. Most of these animals run wild at the Greenland back-country, which probably explains the tenderness of their meat. Small game, for instance snow hare and ptarmigan, complete land repertoire.

There is plenty of seafood also, and this includes arctic char, snow crab and shellfish. Arctic herbs like berries and angelica picked from the fells help create the delicate taste of Tasiilaq dishes.

It's cold, I know! But what outdoor activities can I do?
Although it’s frigid cold in Tasiilaq, there are some exciting activities that you can participate in to keep your day more enjoyable. They include the following:

Trekking in the remote parts of East Greenland
Trekking in Tasiilaq gives you an excellent opportunity to discover the wildest and remotest areas of Greenland. You will get a chance to marvel at the massive icebergs and deep fjord systems that combine to create a perfect arctic atmosphere for a journey that will remain in your memory forever.

Dog Sledding
Dog sledding is an important part of the culture of Tasiilaq people. Not only is it an exciting trip through breathtaking environment, but it also gives you the chance to learn how the Inuits master sled dogs.

Other equally enjoyable outdoor activities to keep you busy include kayaking, hiking, diving and going on a cruise.

How do I get around in Tasiilaq Greenland?
Tasiilaq town isn't so big, so you can comfortably get around on foot. But it's important that you be in excellent physical shape as you will be getting up and down steep hills on which the town sits. If you are going to a distant place, you can hire taxi service.

In order to move to a different settlement, you will require booking a helicopter or hiring local boats. During winter months, movement is mainly by snowmobile or skis. Getting around the town is mainly on foot. To kick-start your adventure, you just need to walk out of the town..

Northern Lights Can I see the Northern Lights in Tasiilaq Greenland?
You can see the Northern Lights from anywhere in Greenland even when the sky is clear or dark. Even at night when the dazzling lights are at their fullest, you can still see the Northern Lights from Tasiilaq.

The bright night light is not just able to really mask the dazzling glow. The Northern Lights normally appear beginning early autumn and will be seen in the whole of April. The light is not visible in summer, and this is because of Midnight Sun.

For more information about Tasiilaq, go to is the official tourism website for Greenland.


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