Your Fun Activities Should Be Covered By Travel Insurance

Your Fun Activities Should Be Covered By Travel Insurance

February 19th, 2018, Posted by travelwith2ofus

"You should get travel insurance." I am sure you have heard this at least five times. I am also sure you have ignored them all five times as well. Well you're not alone because many people continuously ignore it.

Long before Travelwith2ofus was started I made a couple trips and I did not get travel insurance. I did not think it was necessary until one day I saw a family distraught after their luggage was lost while visiting beautiful Barbados. It was quite a large family so you could imagine how their vacation turn out if they did not have travel insurance. To be honest I did not know if they did or did nor have any, but I kept thinking what if they didn't have. Since then we always get insurance when we travel.

Beautiful Barbados. Imagine you've made it there, but your luggage did not. Hmm.
 Beach in Barbados

Whether you are traveling overseas, interstate or to another city for personal or business reasons, any trip away from home involves expenses, planning as well as some risk. And while it may seem unnecessary to spend money on guarding yourself against a trip disaster that may never happen, expensive holiday disasters like cancellations, lost possessions, and medical emergencies can strike at any time.

This is especially true if you have included a lot of activities and adventures during your holidays. Remember that skydiving or rock climbing contains far more risks than lying on a beach. Travel insurance for these fun activities will cover you for monetary losses caused by any misfortunes you may have while having fun on your trip. Here are some really good reasons why travel insurance is an essential purchase of any trip.

Adventure and Activity Insurance coverage

Adventure is what makes any holiday even more special. When you are traveling for adventure or business, you need to ensure that your insurance policy covers these activities. Otherwise, you could face expensive bills in case of an accident while participating.

Most travel policies can be extended to include a range of activities such as surfing, canoeing, snorkeling, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, horseback riding, quad biking, ziplining, football, kite surfing, bungee jumping among others. We think World Nomads is an ideal option as they cover these kinds of activities, especially for adventure seekers like Nikks, no, not me. Go check them out and see what you think.

Nikks on her horse getting reading to hit the trail in St Lucia.
 Horseback riding

OH NO! Lost luggage

Although airline coverage for lost, damaged or stolen items is limited, the traveler's risks are not limited to the airline. Your luggage may be dropped in the ocean, stolen from a taxi or even crushed by a truck. Travel insurance offers baggage coverage, which provides a replacement value for the lost items or replacing the luggage itself.

However, it is crucial that you check the cover to see and confirm whether the policy limits are sufficient to cover the things you are taking aboard. The same applies to luggage delayed. When a traveler's luggage fails to arrive on time, the initial days can be quite difficult without the necessary personal items. Most travel insurance policies cover the costs of the delayed items.

cannot fly as planned

Sometimes the hardest part about traveling is catching your flight. From missing your flight due to a misplaced passport or falling ill, there are many reasons why people miss their flight. Not catching your designated flight can cost you a lot of money. This is one of the many occasions when your travel insurance comes in handy.

Under certain circumstances, your travel insurance policy may allow you to cancel or rearrange your trip to a later date. Basic travel insurance also covers missed flights due to illness, accident, strikes, bad weather or family bereavement.

Oh no! Did I just miss my flight? Travel insurance cover it.


If you have paid for your transport, accommodation and car hire, but you cannot go on the trip, the chances are that you may not get a refund for all prepaid items. Fortunately, your travel insurance company can step in to pay all the pre-paid costs for things you cannot recover. However, the insurance policy may cover cancellation for some reasons, so be sure to read your policy information for full details.


Medical/dental protection

An illness or injury can be quite inconveniencing, especially while taking a holiday abroad. When a traveler gets injured or falls ill while on a trip, there is a high chance that their health insurance from home will not cover the associated expenses. For instance, a dental emergency may cause a traveler a lot of pain, and waiting to get home to get the problem fixed means risking extensive expenses and permanent damage.

Travel insurance policies provide medical benefits for drugs, physicians' expenses, x-rays, medical transportation and so much more. Some covers also pay for emergency dental treatment to ease acute pain or an injury to natural teeth.

It happens. Sometimes you take a knock on your knee and the pain may spoil your trip. Travel insurance covers your medical expenses.
 Holding knee

Personal accidents

While thinking about the things that could go wrong on holiday isn't a pleasant pre-travel topic, it is vital that you make sure your travel insurance policy includes cover for death and disability. This way, they will compensate a set benefit if you are permanently disabled or die following an accident while on holiday. I know, I know, no one wants to think about it, but what if it happens?

advice and information

In the event you need to pursue legal information about your trip or need to seek legal claim about your trip, most travel insurance policies include a section that is dedicated to advising and legal cover. Some provide other information that may come in handy for travelers.

I love the travel safety section which World Nomads provides for travelers. You will find travel safety tips as well as information on destination laws, scams, visas and vaccinations that you should know about before you travel.

Travel insurance should be a priority when planning all your trips, whether you travel occasionally, regularly or are setting off for a once in a lifetime trip.

Now that we've got that covered maybe we will see you somewhere in the Caribbean.

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Let us know if you use travel insurance or not. If you do, let us hear about you experience.

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