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July 1st, 2015, Posted by travelwith2ofus
Curacao beachside

What moves us to travel. Is it the quest for knowledge, the yearning to seek out the culture, food, traditions, lifestyle and landscape of other countries and its people. Or, is it that we have become so bored with our own country that we need to keep exploring to ward off this boredom. What is your reason for traveling? Simon - travelwith2ofus.

Inspired by our love for travel, while on our maiden cruise, an idea came from nowhere, dropped in my lap and knocked me over. Why don't we develop a travel website and journal our travel adventures?

We are both passionate about traveling.  The anticipation of visiting another country and enjoying the warmness of its people, the uniqueness of its scenery, food, customs and culture, these are the things that make us want to travel forever.

On January 1st, 2015, while others were out celebrating the New Year, I was at my computer uploading files for travelwith2ofus. It has now been six months since we launched, and what a ride it has been.

To be honest it is a lot of work, and you have to continuously work at it.  However, I won't say it is hard work, especially since it is something we love. Definitely, I will say you have to be committed.

Social Media In The Mix

Scial mediaMost people have a tablet or smartphone. So you should, understand the importance of social media to the success of your travel website. Well any website for that matter.

Managing social media can be a bit of a challenge, and as with anything else you have to put in the time if you want to achieve your goals.

Sure you can automate a lot of your social media platforms with relevant apps, but I think you lose the “humanness” somewhere along the way. I am not saying don't use the available apps to make it easier, what I am saying is don't lose the human touch. Reply, acknowledge and respond to your followers across the different networks personally. Ok, humanly impossible to answer everyone, but at least as much as you can.

The idea I have for this website is to build slowly. In six months I wanted travelwith2ofus to have at least one thousand followers on twitter. We have exceeded that and currently have over two thousand.

We wanted to have at least five hundred Facebook likes to the travelwith2ofus fan page and we have achieved this. We are currently engaging the others like Pinterest, YouTube and Google Plus to build a stronger social media presence.

Our Fondest Memories

Shark petting During our travels, we have so much fun, with great memories to cheerish. One in particular, was our visit to the Curacao Sea Aquarium where activities included petting of sharks; yes you read correctly, sharks.

We also remember our visit to The Bahamas and the Atlantis Resort. We had some real fun over there. In addition, St Lucia where we both got our first experience Zip lining.  Amazing! Even though I was a little reserved, aka scared.

Another memorable occasion was our first cruise. It was beyond our wildest dreams, so much so that we are already in the stages of planning another one. Cruising rocks! What we enjoyed the most about that cruise; well we enjoyed just about everything including the sumptuous food and cocktail on board. But most importantly, the fact that we got to visit so many countries in one trip was the highlight for us. Another memorable trip was our visit to Cartagena, Colombia. This was special because, well, because it was nothing like what we expected and nothing like it is portrayed in the media.

Panama City, Panama. We love it there. We visited on two occasions and plan to visit again. We just love the excitement of that city. We love the food and the fact that we can finally get to learn a little of another language.  Te queremos Panamá. Is that correct?

One of the highlights of my travel (I did this one solo) was my tour to Europe. I visited London, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Brussels. This was one of the most outstanding experiences of my life, so far.

These are just some of the memories we have had, but so little. We plan to make more by traveling more.

Cocktails And Other Drinks

CocktailWho doesn't love great tasting and exotic cocktails? Some of the best drinks we have had were while traveling.  Some of my favorites include Bahama Mama we had in The Bahamas, TI Punch in St Lucia and the Aruba frosty in Aruba of course, and Pina Colada, basically everywhere.

The Caribbean has a large variety of rum, some aged to perfection, and we had a couple in most of the islands we visited. Trust me nothing says party like a good drink of Caribbean rum.

However, on the other side of the universe there is nothing more cherished than a good bottle of wine while enjoying the sites and scenes of Europe.

Food We Love

Mousaka Greek food

One of the most interesting highlight during our visit to Panama was the food. We both had tacos and Greek food for the first time while there.

The tacos we had were not from a chain store either; it was authentic tacos we got from a street vendor outside a nightclub we visited that night. The Greek food we discovered at El Greco, The Greek Grill on Via Veneto, not far away from our hotel.

They have authentic Greek comfort food including Moussaka Gyros, Souvlaki, and Pastitsio among others. Some of the most delicious seafood we have had were in The Bahamas. We had conch, lobster, Mahi Mahi and shrimp, all done island style.

The Future


During the first six months the plan was to build our foundation. In the next six months we plan to strengthen that foundation. Hopefully by the beginning of our second year we should be earning some money from our website.

The first six months was a learning experience. We have learned so many things. When we go on a trip now we know we have to look for great photos and get as much information on the country we are visiting, the food we eat, the culture and the customs and traditions of the destination.

We have learned that traveling is dynamic because situations and circumstances change all the time.  Every trip we go on we learn something different, the same way we realize that visitors to our website change as we grow and want to know more.

In the coming six months we hope to travel more, take more and better photos and videos, taste more great food, have more cocktails, go on more cruise and make friends in every country we visit. The sky is literally the limit.


Searching for Utopia AmterdamInspiration comes from everywhere, and we will like to thank everyone who has inspired us with great articles, blogs, photos, videos and tips.

The most amazing thing about having a travel website is that you get to have lots of fun and experience the best the world has to offer from country to country. BEST JOB EVERRRRR!!! And, hopfully make some deniro!
Lookout for us because our adventure continues.


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