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We booked our flight to The Bahamas well in advane to get a good deal. It took about eight hours with a stopover in Panama. Copa Airlines was our carrier of choice for this trip.

In The Bahamas we were picked up at the airport on time and everything went smoothly. We arrived at Atlantis Resort Bahamas, which is located on Paradise Island about an hour later because the bus stopped at the grocery for us to pick up a couple items. Immediately we realized that the place was amazing.

View of Atlantis in Bahamas.
Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island Bahamas

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Atlantis in the Bahamas has five different hotels you can choose from; Harborside, Royal Towers, Beach Tower, Coral Towers, The Cove Atlantis and The Reef. We decided on Harborside because it's actually like an apartment with full kitchen, washer/dryer, living room, fully furnished, television in both the living room and the bedroom.

Another reason, which swayed us towards Harborside Resort at Atlantis in Bahamas, is the length of our stay, which was nine nights. We thought it would be more cost effective to do most of our cooking, especially breakfast. And finally the hot tub was the item that sealed the deal.

So we checked in and the fine folks at the reception told us they gave us a room with a view. What happened next was very interesting

our accommodation

So we were directed to our room at the Atlantis Resort Bahamas and on entering everything seem ok. Having had a long flight and a bit tired Nikks decided to go soak in the hot tub and to her surprise there wasn’t any. Plus the bathroom was equipped with handrails.

Confused, we contacted the folks at the front desk who informed us that the room was for differently abled individuals but they gave us for the view. Oh really? Immediately we made our disappointment known and they informed us that they would change the room.

So we thought this was resolved as we headed to the new room provided to us. Shockingly, and you won't believe it either. The bed was not made up and the bins were filled with garbage. It appears that someone may have just checked out and the room was not cleaned.

So again, we called the front desk and informed them of the latest development. They told us that they would move us to yet another room! As you would guess by this time we are boiling over with frustration.

Harborside One Bedroom Deluxe Villa Comes With These Features:

  • French balcony or private terrace

    Master bedroom with armchair and large closet

    Master bathroom with twin basins

    Separate living room with sleeper sofa (full size or queen size), armchairs, & entertainment center

    Fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, dishwasher, 2-burner stove-top, microwave-convection oven, toaster, coffee maker & blender

    Separate 4-seat dining area

  • Combined shower/jetted bathtub


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Our Harborside Resort one bedroom deluxe villa at Atlantis in Bahamas.
Harborside Resort Atlantis in Bahamas

Hungry now, we decided we would go have some dinner and hopefully when we returned the new room would be ok. They informed us that they would move our luggage to the new room.

NO! To our dismay the bed in the new room was also not made up and there was garbage in the bins again. This, my friends was the last straw. Nikks didn't call the front desk this time she personally paid them a visit.

About twenty minutes later an army of cleaners accompanied by a supervisor came to the room and thoroughly cleaned the room and sincerely apologized. Finally, we got our clean sheets and a made bed. We arrived at five in the afternoon and this was satisfactorily sorted at eleven in the night.

All this happened in the night, but after we awoke, rested the next day, we were very pleased with the room and the view from both our bedroom and our front door. We know things like this happens so we took it in stride and decided we will not let it spoil our vacation at the Atlantis Resort Bahamas.

Knock about

one-of-the-many-bridges-at-AtlantisSo much to do, so little time. The next morning we headed out to have some fun. The compound at the Atlantis Resort Bahamas is large, so we decided we will take a tour so at least we would know how to move around and where to find the different activities.

The place is so elaborate; you could see that it took lots of planning to get it just right. One of the features of the Atlantis Resort Bahamas is the various fish ponds. These contain many different species of fish and can be found throughout the resort. There are also many well-maintained gardens and swimming pools. There is also a bus shuttle to help you get around the compound.

We spent the entire day touring the compound and at dinner time we were set for the next day to start taking part in the different activities available at Atlantis Resort Bahamas.

Getting food Again

Hey, we were on vacation ok! So we are not going to cook everyday. Anyway, there are lots of places you can eat at Atlantis Resort Bahamas.

We enjoyed eating at Bimini Road. They have wonderful Caribbean food with a lovely Bahamian atmosphere. Three of the dishes we enjoyed were the Caribbean Rack Ribs, Mahi Mahi and the Reef Lobster Tail.

Our kitchen at Harborside Resort Atlantis. While we did eat out, we also cooked a lot. It saved us a lot of money!
Kitchen at Harborside Resort Atlantis Bahamas

On occasions when we wanted a light dinner or snack we would eat at the The Point where you can get Bahamian style steak, chicken and seafood dishes.

There are many other fine dining places to eat, including Olives, Seafire Steakhouse, Chop Stix and for casual dining. there's Virgil's BBQ, Murray's Deli, Seagrapes and the Marketplace.

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One of the main reasons you go Atlantis Resort Bahamas is to have fun. And trust me, you will have lots of it. There are many water slides in the water park at the Atlantis Resort Bahamas, including the Abyss, Leap of Faith, Challenger Slide, The Surge, The Drop and the Serpent Slide.

The Abyss was the ride that turned my stomach inside out. You go into an enclosed tube, which is dark by the way, and you slide down a two hundred feet slide with unexpected drops, twist and turns. It happens rather quickly and then you splash in an amazing enclosed pool that takes your breath away. Or maybe help you start breathing again if you’re a coward like me.

The Lazy River was one of my favorite rides. It moves slowly, is very relaxing and runs for about a quarter mile. The Current is another river ride. This one however is a bit more exciting, runs for about a mile and you're kept moving by the water escalators, rolling waves and extreme rapids along the course.

Atlantis Bahamas

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Other activities we took part in included the sea lion interaction. We got a tour of the facilities at the Dolphin Cay Education Center, and a brief introduction of how they run the place and take care of the sea lions and dolphins. Then we went in the pool to interact with the sea lions. It was really fun. There is also interaction with the dolphins, you can either swim with them or you can be a trainer for a day.

Beside the activities available in Atlantis we also did a couple things outside of the compound. We went on a party boat cruise with designated stops around the island, which included stops at one of the beautiful beaches.

On another day we did a mini personal underwater sub tour.

During the night there are also lots of activities available including the nightclub, casinos and restaurant, some of which feature live music. We really enjoyed our stay at the Atlantis Resort Bahamas. Maybe you will as well. You can book your Atlantis Resort Bahamas package right here.


Our thoughts

What we liked:
Immigration: No hassle. Quick.
Airport pick-up: On time.
Harborside Resort at Atlantis in Bahamas: Initial misstep. But room cleaned and beds well made every day after. We especially like that room service never came while we were in the room.
Bahamas: Island life. Laid back. Clean, Happy place.

What we did not like:

Hotel misstep.
Cash is king, but not at Atlantis Resort Bahamas, Walk with your cards.

Would we go Atlantis in Bahamas again? Yes.
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Atlantis Resort Bahamas

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